Selling your property in Croatia

Selling your property in Croatia

If you are thinking of selling a property or land on Hvar Island, then you could not be in better hands. The selling process is more rigid than it ever used to be, even a few years ago, and with many new regulations, it is important that any advice you are given comes from a knowledgable and professional source.
We will lead you through the necessary process in order that your property has all the correct documentation so that it can be sold without any illegalities. It is hugely important to understand that the current regulations requires potential sellers to have a legal property before it can be sold.

Before we can start marketing a property for our clients, we do request the following information in order that we can establish that the property can be sold.

  • O.I.B of the seller – this is your unique Croatian ID number which would have been issued when you purchased the property.
  • The plot/building number – this is stated on any sales contract, alternatively we can trace it independently.
  • Your property may require one or all of the following, a building permit, a usage permit, a division of property. These are all official documents that state a building has been built legally, and is legally divided into separate units.
  • Location information report- this is a report that states what can be built in the area and the limitations. This is an invaluable document if for example building land is being sold.
  • An energy certificate is legally required before a property is sold, and we recommend our clients to commission this as part of the marketing process. We are able to organise an energy certificate on behalf of our clients.
  • ID card or passport in order that we can identify we are communicating with the legal owner of the property.

Our fee for introducing a buyer to your property who subsequently signs a sales contract is 3% plus 25% PDV (VAT).

Selling your property in Croatia

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  1. Sue Featherstone

    on   said 

    Hello Rupert,
    I don’t know if you remember us but you came to look at our house in Malo Selo a few years ago. It’s the stone house with a garden.
    It’s 3 bedrooms, two shower rooms, living room, large konoba, two terraces and a nice garden.
    We are now keen to sell as we are living in Asia.
    Would you consider taking it on for us? I’ve looked at your other properties and your prices are in line with what we hope for.
    Hope to hear from you
    Sue and Jack

    • Rupert Dawnay

      on   said 

      Hello Sue and Jack,

      Thank you for the message, yes naturally I remember having a look at your house in Stari Grad, even though it was some time ago. If you can let me have access then I will go and have a look with my colleague just to refresh my memory and get an idea of the condition of the house.

      The market is still quite patchy, although if i was looking into the crystal ball, my feeling is that we are over the worst and hopefully buyers will start to come back to these wonderful islands!

      If we could liaise via e-mail, that would be easier from now on. I also need to have the property number or plot number as well.

      Thanks again for getting in touch and I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards



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