The church-fortress is a unique sight on the island.


Vrboska is a settlement on the north coast of the island of Hvar, in the county of Jelsa. It was founded in the 15th century as a small fishing harbour, these days Vrboska is best known for the fortress Church of Sv. Marija (St Mary), built as a refuge for its inhabitants during the 16th century. Vrboska has a population of approximately 526 inhabitants.

Vrboska had two major attacks in its history, the first from the Venetian troops who attacked the town in 1510, causing extensive damage. Then for the second time in 1571, the town was attacked, this time by the Turks, under Uluz Ali. Soon afterwards, in 1575, the church of St Mary was fortified, to become a church-fortress, a unique sight on the island. There are also paintings by the Venetian Masters: Tizian, Cagaliarija, Bassano, Scuria, Cellinia and others.
Originally developed as a fishing community, trading and growing in prosperity, at the beginning of the 20th century, Vrboska had a sardine factory, wooden boat-building industry, a hotel, fishing trade association, and regular boat connections with Split and the neighbouring island of Brac. There was also a community hall, library and health clinic.

These days Vrboska is a thriving seaside town and benefits from an all year round yacht marina, a fine shingle beach  and also a naturist camp site (enclosed and private).

vrboska the island of hvar croatia

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  1. Ivan Saric

    on   said 

    Look at your last paragraph where you mention “Vrbotska is a THIEVING seaside town”.
    I presume you mean “Thriving” I hope the town isn’t a settling place for all the thieves on the island:)

    • Rupert Dawnay

      on   said 

      Hello Ivan,

      Thank you for your invaluable comment, much appreciated! Luckily to my knowledge we wouldn’t have enough thieves to fill up Vrboska, in fact one of the beauties of living on the island is how open and trust worthy it is, long may not the thieves appear! Please keep in touch with us and if we can help in anyway if you are looking to purchase or sell, please do not hesitate to contact us.
      Kind regards
      Rupert Dawnay


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